How to make a wooden handicraft?

Why didn’t I call it a craft? Haha, haha, it must be because I don’t think what I made is exquisite and I didn’t spend much energy on it. I just made it by using some tools. Of course, I write down the production process here because I really need to do something in this situation. It just happens that the production process is cumbersome, so I’ll write it down.

First, list the tools I have purchased, or some necessary tools.

1. wire saw

It is mainly applicable to the shaping of wood. For example, you need a crescent shape. It is certainly not easy to cut the outline with a cutting machine, so the wire saw is very suitable for creating all kinds of desired shapes.

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2. table pliers

As shown in the figure, the main function is to fix materials for more convenient processing. Moreover, many people also bought G-shaped clamps. I think bench vises or table pliers are enough for me. Of course, the one with 360 rotation angle will be better. This can only be rotated 360 degrees on the horizontal plane. Remember to use gaskets or soft cloth when clamping, otherwise the wood may be damaged by hard clamping.

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3. sandpaper

Sandpaper is mainly used for wood grinding. Sandpaper is divided into different items, mainly from 100 to 7000. The larger the number, the finer the sandpaper will be. When grinding, it must be from low to high, which cannot be exceeded. It cannot be used for 2000 first and then returned to 1800. This is a slow work, but also a meticulous work, which needs to be very careful.

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4. assorted file

It is mainly used for micro shaping after the first wire saw shaping. Many rough edges and corners need to be smoothed with files. There are many kinds of files, which can adapt to different operation levels. Of course, for materials that need to be cut a lot, you can use a gold file, which is very sharp.

5. wood wax oil

It is mainly to apply the surface after all grinding. One is to protect the handicrafts from damage, and the other is to improve the gloss.

Basically, several tools have been introduced. Of course, if inlaid, you will need to use carving knife, flat knife, etc. there are many types. Next, I’ll take a personal handicraft as the introduction process to let you understand the whole process.

First, I want to figure out what I want to do and what the shape is. If there is a printer, I can print the shape on the printer and paste it on the material for shape cutting. For example, my idea is a Taiji shaped counterweight, so I need a complete circle, and then I have to draw the line route to ensure no mistakes during cutting.

Post time: Apr-20-2022