What tools do novices need to buy?

I think this question depends on what kind of wooden friends netizens want to be
Is it a temporary need or a hobby
Interested in mortise and tenon structure, or well made tools It’s still an old hand tool
Do you like hardwoods belonging to five genera and eight categories, or laminated wood or logs with wood flavor? Maybe you like big core board
Maybe you want to make a guitar, a wardrobe or a model, or use one-time props
Is there a venue? Can the surroundings accept noise and dust?
You may have fainted just looking at this,
Such a good leisure activity can’t be understood in a few minutes
It has a history of hundreds of years abroad
What about carpentry culture
For the new wooden friends who have experience in woodworking forum, or you are a teacher with several years or even decades of experience,
I suggest you read foreign woodworking magazines Learn advanced technology and add your own experience Definitely a master of carpentry culture
For pure newcomers, I suddenly found a report about a carpentry one day On the website, I know that furniture can be made by myself? Excited all night, I remembered my hands-on experience as a child
The next day I want to buy tools, make a footstool for my wife, make a Trojan horse for my children, and update a bookcase for my grandfather Make yourself a laptop stand,,,
Don’t worry, let me tell you slowly
If you have a space, garage or yard, you are allowed to make noise The economic conditions are OK. I suggest you have a table saw (ranging from 3000 yuan to 20000 yuan),

12 inch woodworking sliding table saw

which is the most basic
Others: electric hand drill, electric screwdriver (i.e. battery operated electric hand drill), woodworking table, some woodworking clamps, engraving machine, milling table (i.e. upside down engraving machine table), cookie tenon machine or domino Bench drill, grinder, miter saw Bench planer and press planer (if they all use laminated timber, they can also not be used) are commonly used Need to do some curve, you can buy hand-held curve saw, band saw machine If you need hollowed out curves, buy a wire saw There are other necessary hand tools, tape, square, plane, chisel, glue, sandpaper and so on It is recommended that you install dust collection equipment, which can be used healthily, convenient for cleaning and fire prevention
If the venue is small, it’s OK economically There are some restrictions on noise
It is recommended that you buy the kind of electric circular saw that can be upside down, or table saw Use some good saw blades, so you can save the use of table planer. The sound of table planer is very loud. You can also cut at the place where you buy the plate
Others: electric hand drill, electric screwdriver (i.e. electric hand drill with battery), woodworking table, some woodworking clamps, grinder, small band saw (which can be used to throw thin sheets), engraving machine (which can be inverted) Bench drill (can be replaced by electric hand drill), miter saw (can be replaced by bench saw) Press planing (use laminated materials as much as possible, which is more noisy than bench planing) these are commonly used There are other necessary hand tools, tape, square, plane, chisel, glue, sandpaper and so on
If you want to try one or two pieces, on the balcony, only on weekends, there can be no noise
I suggest you first find a building materials city that can cut plates, which requires your strong sense of three-dimensional structure First calculate the size of the work, whether to keep the wealth, how much to keep, how to deal with it after leaving too much, what tools to use, and whether you have it or not
Material problem solved, other tools, electric hand drill Electric screwdriver (can be replaced by electric hand drill), grinder, hand planer, a solid table, several woodworking clamps, electric circular saw Engraving machine (for lace, optional), curve saw (for pattern, optional) and other necessary auxiliary tools, tape, square, plane, chisel, glue, sandpaper, etc
It’s too complicated. Don’t be surprised if you want to write about it
There is no absolute thing. The tenon made by 8000 yuan carving machine on the balcony may be the same as that made by chisel in the garage. Of course, manual work takes time and effort, and the effect is no better than that made by carving machine It depends on your focus?
Maybe you like hand planer. It can’t be learned in a few days. Be prepared
Some tools are interlinked and can make the same tenon Table saws can be used as tenons, band saws, engraving machines, and manual work
Remember, everything is nothing A tool that can solve all problems must not be a professional tool
Safety always comes first The safe configuration of tools and correct operating procedures are very important

Post time: Apr-20-2022