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The cargo conveyor belt of electric power is convenient for assembly line and warehouse operation

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Product introduction

The electric conveyor belt roller saves time and labor.
It is a good helper for handling goods.
It is a necessary machine for assembly line operation.
It is scratch resistant and wear-resistant with high performance.
The rubber universal wheel is convenient to move with brake.
Pure copper low noise motor, strong power and stable operation. It can be customized according to customer needs

Product parameters

MODEL 6H321-1 6H321-2 6H331-1
Roller Diameter(D) φ50 φ50  
Spacing of Rollers(P) 75;100;150mm 75;100;150mm  
Support Models Roller Support Roller Support Slat Support
Length of Conveyor(L) Max 20m Max 20m Max 20m
Frame Width(B/B) 400;500;600mm 400;500;600mm 400;500;600mm  
Min Height of Conveyor(H) 500mm 500mm 500mm
Belt Types PVC PVC PVC
Drive Mode Head Drive Head Drive Intermediate Drive
Formed Steel for Frame 90*30*3mm 90*30*3mm 90*30*3mm
Stands 50* 30mm 50* 30mm 50* 30mm
Conveying Capacity(B/B=500,P= 100) 50kg/m 50kg/m 50kg/m
Conveying Speed(Max) 30m/min 30m/min 30m/min
Power of Motor(kw) 0.37;0. 75;1. 5 0.37;0. 75;1. 5 0.37;0. 75;1. 5

Other sizes can also be customized

Product use

Efficient delivery of goods, assembly line operation

Conveyor belt (8)

Good quality, long service life, adjustable lifting table with 1.5mm galvanized plate, adjustable deviation, power roller is not easy to rust, and the speed can be adjusted according to the demand

Conveyor belt (9)

The wattage of all copper reduction motor is matched according to the load-bearing transmission speed. The corresponding motor has long working time and good stability. It supports customization of various powers

Conveyor belt (10)

The speed of the governor is adjustable. The specific belt speed is adjusted according to the needs of customers. It has reliable quality, durability, low noise, stable products and guaranteed quality

Conveyor belt (11)

The power idler supports the conveyor belt and material heavy star, and the operation is flexible and reliable, reducing the friction between the conveyor belt and the idler

material design

The support structure adopts thickened corner code, which is connected independently, firm and strong, with strong support gravity and not easy to shake
PVC conveyor belt has good elasticity, not easy to deform, wear-resistant and high temperature resistance. Extremely strong materials are selected as filter elements


It is widely used in industrial production, electronic factory, food transmission, agricultural processing and other fields

Company strength

Laizhou Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd is located in the Shandong peninsula, next to the beautiful Laizhou Bay and picturesque Wenfeng Mountain, with major highways providing convenient transportation.

The new factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, including the 10000 square meters workshop. Since 1999, the company has gained extensive experience in product development, professional engineering, technical and management personal. Since 2009, the company has developed and manufactured a series of woodworking machinery,including metal band saw, metal circular saw, a variety of mobile base, workbenches and miter saw stands, etc. The company also has exported 120 models to Europe, US, Australia, Japan and other areas.

The company has strict management according to the ISO 9000 standard, and has passed various international retailer's factory audits from 2005 to 2017, such as B&Q, SEARS and HOMEDEPOT, etc. Many products like the metal band saw and circular saw have also gained the CE certification.

Packing and transportation: Carton packing, sea transportation
Qualification, certification: CE certification

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