Special Sand Drum Grinding Machine For Milling Machine Accessories

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A special sand drum grinder for milling machine accessories, which is used to grind the drill bit. Milling cutter trimming cup

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It is equipped with Taiwan diamond grinding wheel, which can be replaced freely, and the hardness is only lower than that of diamond. CBN material is suitable for high-speed steel milling cutter, and SDC grinding wheel material is suitable for tungsten steel milling cutter, which is wear-resistant, good precision, high hardness and high toughness.

Product attributes

High power motor
No space, compact and easy to carry
Precise grinding and strict factory precision test
Environmental protection, energy saving and long-term operation without burning
Quick grinding: finish grinding once every 10 seconds
Efficient and convenient selection of right tools with twice the result with half the effort

Product parameters

MODEL HB4400 HB4426
Grinding Range φ2_ρ13(φ15) φ13-φ26
Point. Angle 100*(90*)-135° 95*-140°
Power 140x230V50HZ 250x230V/50HZ
Speed 4800rpm 4400rpm
Standard Equipment  grinding weel/CBNfor)HSS)x1/olets/ 10ollets grinding weel/CBN(for)HSS)x1/p13.
Opting Equipment  grinding weel/SDC(for Carbide) grinding wheel/SDC(for Carbide)
Packing size 33.5x19x 19cm 46.5x26. 5x26 5cm
Weight 9kg 27kg

Product use

Milling cutter grinder

Product pictures

Company strength

Laizhou Sanhe Machinery Co., Ltd is located in the Shandong peninsula, next to the beautiful Laizhou Bay and picturesque Wenfeng Mountain, with major highways providing convenient transportation.

The new factory covers an area of 15000 square meters, including the 10000 square meters workshop. Since 1999, the company has gained extensive experience in product development, professional engineering, technical and management personal. Since 2009, the company has developed and manufactured a series of woodworking machinery,including metal band saw, metal circular saw, a variety of mobile base, workbenches and miter saw stands, etc. The company also has exported 120 models to Europe, US, Australia, Japan and other areas.

The company has strict management according to the ISO 9000 standard, and has passed various international retailer's factory audits from 2005 to 2017, such as B&Q, SEARS and HOMEDEPOT, etc. Many products like the metal band saw and circular saw have also gained the CE certification.

Packing and transportation: Carton packing, sea transportation
Qualification, certification: CE certification

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