Adjustable Universal Mobile Base for Mobilizing Woodworking Equipemnt, Fridge, Washing Machine

Short Description:

It is used to move the base of heavy machine to facilitate the movement of the machine

Product Detail

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Product details

●New style,various types for choice
●Install simplely and move easily
●More stability and adjustable level
●Customizable, universal mobile base kit for machines and equipment
●Accommodates any size machine footprint
●Locking foot levers allow you to instantly go from stationary to mobile
●3" (7.6 cm) hard plastic wheels for easy gliding
●Plywood not included

Product parameters

MODEL HB4060 HB4060-4W
Max.holding weight(Ibs) 600 600
N.W./G.W.(kgs) 8.24/8.94 9.48/10.18
Max.rectangle(mm) 600x800 600x800
Min.size(mm) 400x600 400x600
Measurement(mm) 602x290x103 612x290x103
Units/20"(pcs) 1790 1790
MODEL HB4070 HB4070-2W HB4070-4W
Max.holding weight(lbs) 700 700 700
N.W./G.W.(kgs) 10.61/11.31 11.21/11.91. 11.51/11.81
Max.rectangle(mm) 600x800 600x800 600x800
Min.size(mm) 400x600 400*600 400*600
Measurement(mm) 685x260x135 685x260x135 685x260x135
Units/20"(pcs) 1326 1326 1326

Product use

Mobile base (6)

Put the machine on the mobile base to facilitate transportation

Mobile base (9)
Mobile base (8)

Universal wheel design, easy to change all directions

Mobile base (10)


Our mobile base enables you to move machines of all sizes efficiently and effortlessly around your workshop.
Move anywhere with ease.
Convenient workshop cleanup.
Create room for more machines in your workshop.
Open up workspace.
It is fast, effective and secure.

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